Inquiry Based Learning - An Intensive

Yafit Shriki Magidish
Studio 70

August, 19-21 2018
9:30 am-3 pm
Berkeley, CA

Fee: $200
Limited to 12 participants

First day - What is Inquiry Based Learning (An introduction to the theory)

  • What is Inquiry based learning?
  • Learning in community - tools for building community and conversation
  • Questions as a tool for building community
  • Reflection

Second day - How to use Inquiry Based Learning? (An introduction to the tools)

  • Experience an Inquiry - model
  • Introducing the ideas of the horizontal and vertical conversations and questions
  • Another Inquiry - another model
  • The role of the facilitator - using your power intentionally. (What kind of facilitator are you?)

Third day - Workshop (Optional)

  • In hevrutot, teams, or on your own develop an Inquiry lesson as part of this one day workshop to present to the group for feedback.


Yafit Magidish, Studio 70’s Learning Specialist, is a veteran educator with over 19 years of experience. Yafit received her Master of Arts in Educational Systems from Hebrew University. She has been trained by, and led trainings for, the Branco Weiss Institute in Israel with which she is still affiliated. Yafit served as a learning specialist and pedagogical coordinator for the Ministry of Education, coordinated the program "Leadership, Learning, and Thinking," and, before moving to Berkeley, spent the last six years as a junior high school principal in Beit Hashomai. Yafit’s areas of expertise include Understanding by Design, classroom management and teaching skills, Inquiry Based learning, Project Based Learning, and Senior Educational Leadership training.