My six-year-old son thrived at Edah. He is a lively boy with unique needs and the staff embraced his individuality and helped him happily adjust to being in the Edah community. They did so well with him that I shared their strategies with his elementary school. I have noticed over the school year his increased level of enjoyment and enthusiasm for the Jewish holidays and I know I have Edah to thank!
— Edah Berkeley Parent
Camp Edah was a truly bilingual environment in which my girls were immersed in Hebrew and English. The girls came back home with Hebrew songs, tefilot and brachot, as well as a whole shabbat kit. They were so proud to use their hand-made candles, challah boards and covers and kiddush cup on Friday night. It is precisely this pride and joy that I want a summer camp to give my kids. Thank you, camp Edah!
— Avital, Camp Parent
I was particularly inspired by the Philosophical Inquiry training and appreciate the opportunity to learn from an internationally renowned scholar and expert. Working at Edah has been a pleasure and has lead me to continual growth.
— Asher, JLIC Fellow
We are loving Yafit! Her weekly professional development sessions have been invaluable for our staff. They are coming back from the sessions excited and challenged.
— Jewish Day School Principal
Just wanted to send you a quick email to express the unanimous feeling amongst all SF families on what a huge success Edah SF has been for the kids. Kids are expressing how much fun they’re having, coming home speaking Hebrew and wanting to come more than once a week. There are even people inquiring about wanting to join this year and next year. Dorit, you are doing a tremendous job teaching and thank you doesn’t feel like it’s sufficient!
— Edah SF Parent
E. loves Edah! He comes home with knowledge of the parsha of the week and Hebrew words.
— Edah Berkeley Parent
The Studio 70 Fellowship was the best experience I could have asked for out of University. Without having much background in formal education, Edah took me in, trained me and supported me on my path as a Jewish educator.

Being an educator is such a rewarding job in so many ways, but at the same can be very stressful and demanding. I would not be able to pursue a career in Jewish education without the support and love the Edah and Studio 70 staff have given me.

What’s more, they look beyond their own needs, and push me to dream, stretch my boundaries, and reach for the stars, helping me uncover my passion in song leading and music. While being an educator can be difficult, I know Edah has my back, and that is such an incredible and valuable asset.
— Etai, JLIC Fellow
We are constantly experimenting with the pedagogical tools we are learning, and this helps create a special atmosphere in which kids are encouraged to voice their opinions and listen to each other.
— Bat El, JLIC Fellow
Our kids are learning and having fun doing it. Our younger one wishes she could go to Edah every day. Edah is a loving, happy place!
— Edah Berkeley Parent
We received our son’s progress report yesterday and I wanted to thank you, the Edah staff and all of the teachers for such a thoughtful, thorough, and comprehensive report. We are so happy to hear that our son is thriving in the program, but more importantly we see what incredible efforts you all are making in creating a fun, inspiring community for our children to develop their Jewish identity and learn Hebrew.

Thank you to all of you for your efforts. We are so grateful to have Edah in our community.
— Edah Berkeley Parent