Innovating New Models

Studio 70 is a Jewish learning laboratory where we explore, innovate, and discover new ways of connecting to Jewish community, learning, and values. Studio 70’s mission is to inspire and engage children, families, and educators through experiential, Hebrew-infused learning in order to nourish collective commitment to Jewish living and learning. Studio 70 has an ambitious vision: to transform the landscape of Jewish learning opportunities in order to foster more powerful Jewish learning and living in North America by:

  • Offering a premier Jewish afterschool program (Edah) for children and their families, empowering participants with the will and skill to engage in Jewish practice, culture, and community.
  • Developing a new generation of Jewish learning innovators (Jewish Learning Innovation Corps) who have the will and skill to design and facilitate high quality, content-rich Jewish learning experiences for youth and families.  
  • Leading a thriving national movement (Nitzan Network) for renewing Jewish learning after school. Nitzan advances innovation and quality by supporting and promoting afterschool programs that offer intensive and meaningful Hebrew language and Jewish learning opportunities

Innovating and incubating program models within a learning laboratory contributing new knowledge and research-based practice to the field of Jewish education.