The Jewish Learning Innovation Corps is a service-learning fellowship spanning 1-2 years. JLIC leads young educators through a process of revealing their talents, experiencing different methods in education, and building their own “Torah” -- values and practices they will use as an educator. Fellows learn the latest methods and tools from an internationally renowned faculty.

The First Year

Fellows are introduced to Studio 70's philosophy and methods in intensive training sessions while simultaneously diving into hands-on learning in the Edah afterschool program. Highlights of the program include:


  • Weekly mentoring meetings with a senior educator
  • Discover what you’re passionate about and get support to grow
  • Teaching observation and feedback

Teacher Training

  • Pedagogy instruction, including inquiry-based learning, experiential education, Nonviolent Communication, and teaching for understanding
  • Classroom management tools
  • Site visits to observe experienced teachers

Professional Experience

  • Teaching to different ages and needs
  • Staff meetings and team problem solving
  • Create lesson plans and explore different educational approaches
  • Working in a lab-school setting where creativity and innovation are encouraged

The Second Year

Fellows build on and deepens the learning of Year 1 and includes continued mentoring with an eye to answering the question: "Where am I going and what of the many paths in Jewish education is most interesting to me?"

Sample Schedule

Mornings (9:30 am-noon): Gather in the JLIC classroom to learn new teaching methods and prepare lessons for the afternoon. Meet with your mentor and reflect on what you observed from a recent site visit. Discuss challenges in teaching and strategies for addressing them.

Afternoons (1-6 pm): Reconvene after lunch for the daily huddle to review the afternoon’s plans and set-up for your lessons. At 1:30 pm, the afterschool program begins and the rest of the day is spent teaching and interacting with the children of Edah.

The JLIC fellowship was the best experience I could have asked for out of University. Without having much background in formal education, Edah took me in, trained me and supported me on my path as a Jewish educator. The fellowship has pushed me to dream and stretch my boundaries, helping me uncover my passion in song leading and music. While being an educator can be challenging, I know Edah has my back and that is an incredible asset.  
-Etai, 2016-18 Fellow
We are constantly experimenting with the pedagogical tools we are learning, and this helps create a special atmosphere in which kids are encouraged to voice their opinions and listen to each other. 
-Bat El, 2015-17 Fellow
I was particularly inspired by the Philosophical Inquiry training and appreciate the opportunity to learn from an internationally renowned scholar and expert. Working at Edah has been a pleasure and has lead me to continual growth.  
-Asher, 2015-17 Fellow