Individual School Support, or ISS, is a program designed for those schools and institutions in need of specific individualized support. ISS is designed to meet the specific needs of an educational organization--i.e., your school. ISS workshops are typically five sessions. They are focused, designed to introduce particular pedagogies and/or respond to specific challenges. 

ISS workshops offer a personalized approach to professional development and teacher training with a dual focus on good practices and methodologies as well as community building and support.  

How it works

Contact the Studio 70 Learning Specialist, Yafit Magidish, to set up an assessment meeting. This often happens on the phone. During the call you’ll explain the challenge, goal, or need you are interested in getting help with and which workshop series you’re interested in. You’ll go over your calendars and during that meeting agree to a calendar and schedule. Prior to the first session you’ll be invoiced for half the fee and following the completion of the final workshop, you’ll be invoiced for the remainder.

Fee: $1200/series

Possible Workshop Series

Introduction to Inquiry Based Learning

  1. What is inquiry based learning?
  2. Why does it work?
  3. What are the tools?
  4. Creating a learning community
  5. Asking good questions
  6. Siyum

Using Active Listening and Feedback as Tools

  1. Introduction to to using feedback as a tool    
  2. What is Active Listening and how do you use it in a classroom?
  3. Practicing our Active Listening - What did you say?
  4. Exploring different examples of feedback - what to say when
  5. Asking good questions
  6. Siyum

Introduction Teaching for Understanding

  1. What is understanding and how is it different from knowing?
  2. Evaluating understandings / Performances of Understanding
  3. How to create Performances of Understanding (Understanding by Design and Backwards Design)
  4. Exploring different kinds or modalities of Performances of Understanding
  5. Designing Performances of Understanding together
  6. Siyum

Induction for New Teachers (taught in Hebrew for Hebrew speakers)

  1. How to set up a classroom
  2. Signs of learning/signs of engagement
  3. Classroom management part 1
  4. Classroom management part 2
  5. Introduction to planning
  6. Siyum
We are loving Yafit! Her weekly professional development sessions have been invaluable for our staff. They are coming back from the sessions excited and challenged.
— Jewish Day School Principal