Edah is a Hebrew infused program that introduces children in grades K-5 to the Hebrew language, Judaism, and Jewish living through meaningful, joyful, and enriching programming designed to excite and inspire learners. Edah’s innovative approach to Jewish education includes content-based language learning, Hebrew through Movement, Philosophical Inquiry, project-based learning, Nonviolent Communication, and more.

Edah’s Educators

Edah staff are members of the Jewish Learning Innovation Corps (JLIC), a full-time professional development program for Jewish educators, and receive comprehensive training in experiential education, project-based learning, Nonviolent Communication, and implementing Hebrew-immersive programming. As the home of JLIC, Edah is a creative and dynamic environment for educational innovation.

Edah’s Vision

Edah envisions a community of Jewish learning and living that includes:

  1. A premier program offering immersive Jewish learning experiences for children and their families, empowering participants with positive Jewish identities and the will and skills to engage in Jewish practice, culture, and community.
  2. A thriving national movement (Nitzan) for renewing Jewish learning after school that provides program, professional, and organizational support, advancing innovation and quality in the field
  3. A learning laboratory engaging in rigorous research, evaluation, and assessment, and contributing new knowledge and best practices to the entire field of Jewish education.